How can you stay safe when a company has a major hack?

One of the scariest emails you can receive is “we are notifying you of a recent data breach at our company”.


Lots of worries may come rushing into your mind: what data was taken? Am I safe? How did they get my information?

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Here are some of the best ways to keep safe if your details have been stolen in a data hack.

read the notice thoroughly

It can be very easy to skim the email and miss out on important details. If a company has reached out to you, it’s likely that they will outline exactly what kind of information was lost. 

Read it thoroughly and note what information may be useful. For example, if your debit card information was collected in the data breach it would be wise to cancel that card or to check in with your bank to make sure it does not approve any unauthorised transactions while you request a new one. 

sync. users can change their security code instantly to protect against online transactions and online cards can be deleted and created instantly.

audit your funds

If your credit card or debit card was leaked in the data breach, it is important to immediately check your funds. Simply log into your banking app and check for any unfamiliar transactions. These can come in the form of either a transfer or a large purchase on a website. If don’t remember one of the transactions, contact your bank immediately.

Update your passwords

When your information gets leaked, hackers will try to use your email and password to try to log into other platforms.

It seems very convenient and simple to have the same password for a lot of different services, but this is exactly what hackers want.

If the organisation that got hacked lets you know that your password is compromised, you need to change your password not only on that platform but everywhere else as well.


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"Finding out that your data has been stolen can be very worrying. At sync., we're trying to reduce the risk."

check your other accounts

Many websites now offer ways to track and update your security. You can check to see if your information is safe at any time, even if you don’t think your details have been stolen in a data breach. Websites like search your email address across many different leaked databases and tell you exactly when and which platform your information has been harvested from. This website is a great tool to check periodically if you feel like your account may be compromised.

think about who you give your data to

One of the ways to prevent yourself from becoming more at risk for data breaches is to simply use fewer services. Since the boom of eCommerce, everyone is able to create their own online stores. This is great as it creates more businesses, but you can never be too safe about what businesses you can trust. These stores often require you to create an account to make a purchase. Only buy from sites that you trust and use a unique password for every account you make. 


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