Keep your account safe: latest from scammers pretending to be sync.

Security is our #1 priority at sync.


We will do everything we can to keep your account safe.

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Unfortunately, sometimes scammers may pretend to be a member of the sync. team and try to steal your account details. Remember to stay alert. 

Here are the latest known tactics that fraudsters might try. We update this list regularly, so keep checking back. 

Call and pretend to be a member of the sync. team

What they do: Fraudsters may call and say they need to verify something on your sync. account OR ask you to move your money to a safe account.

How to avoid being scammed: sync. will never call you or ask for personal information like your card number, CVC number, PIN number, passcode, date of birth or address. And we will never ask you to move funds out of your sync account.

Email asking for personal information

What they do: Send a fake email from an email address that looks like it could be sync. They might ask for you to call them, for you to click a link, or reply with some of your personal information. 

How to avoid being scammed: Our customer support agents will never ask you to call them, click a link to provide personal information or ask you to provide personal information. If they need information from you, they will email and ask you to contact them via the Customer Support section in the sync. app. This gives you added peace of mind that you are talking to the real sync. team.

Send a link asking you to reset your account

What they do: Send an email or a text message with a link to click, saying there has been a problem with your account and you need to provide information immediately. 

How to avoid being scammed: We will never send you a link to click to reset your personal details. Do not click any link like this. It could contain a virus or could lead to a page where you are meant to input your personal information for scammers to steal.

The sync team will send you genuine messages in push notifications via the app. Genuine emails from us may tell you to make changes in the sync. app directly rather than following a link. 


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"Unfortunately, online fraud is increasing and we want to keep you safe from scammers online."

Ask you to move money to a safe account

What they do: Scammers could contact you and invent a reason why you need to transfer money to a ‘safe account’. They will likely cease contact with you after the transfer, leaving you out of pocket. 

How to avoid being scammed: There is no reason for a sync. employee to ask you to transfer money to an account you do not recognise. Ignore any message like this and report it to our customer support team.

These are a few of the known tactics scammers are currently using to try to get personal information from customers. If you ever have any doubts, the best thing to do is contact us directly through the app or in a private social media message. We will always be happy to help.

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