Meet the Team:
Alejandro Weichandt

Get to know Ale Weichandt, our brilliant Senior Android Developer at sync.

Ale is one of the driving forces behind our gorgeous Android app.

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Alejandro Weichandt

Job Title
Android Developer (or Fullstack Ninja Developer depending on the time)


Español, English and currently working on my Italiano

Favourite film and/or book
All Rocky movies, with Rocky IV being the best on that list. About books…I enjoy reading sci-fi. I would recommend the Foundation and Dune series. My friends told me they are both hard to read, but worth it. They were right.

Fun Fact
Used to be a professional volleyball player, just for a couple of years.

Favourite country
Tough one. I like travelling to different countries and finding the special things about them. But if I have to name just one I guess I’ll say the one I come from: Argentina, where “everything” can happen.

Favourite food
Pasta. I usually cook my own.

I was part of the sync team that took part in the 2021 ASICS World Ekiden!

What do you like about working at sync.?

The product. Working in places like sync. gives you the opportunity to really be in touch with it and somehow be involved in its future, and also to learn plenty of new tech stuff along the way.

What is your team like?

I just see talented and passionate people trying to help and learn from each other, even when they don’t share the same tech/team/area.

How would you define the sync. work culture in 3 words?

Learn, Support and Grow

What do you like most about your role?

Leading the Android team gave me the opportunity to help and see my teammates grow as professionals and developers.

What is the hardest part of your job? What is the part you enjoy the most? 

The hardest part is the challenging and evolving environment that Fintech represents. Things over here are moving and evolving really fast and it is hard to be up to date. A curious fact is that this is also the part I enjoy the most. Learning and applying new things is what keeps developers happy in my opinion.

What is your favorite sync. feature?

There are plenty of things to be created that I already love. But my favourite one at the moment is the debit cards section. All of our physical and online cards have great security measurements (dynamic CVC, blocking by transaction category, fully disable and re-enable) and customizations (colours, icons, labels) to give the user as much control as possible on them. We also let users create online cards for free at the moment, which is something not every app offers.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a career as an Android developer?

My advice would be to focus on being a great developer regardless Android or any other platform stack. Being aware of how things are made in different platforms such as iOS and even the Web, gives you a different perspective of how things can be built and brings you a wider set of options/tools to work with.

"Working in [...] sync. gives you the opportunity to really be in touch with [the product] and somehow be involved in its future..."
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