My remote international internship experience at sync.

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Find out how marketing intern, Kelsey Murray, was able to effectively learn, communicate, and contribute through her four-week remote internship here at sync.

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My name is Kelsey Murray, and I worked with sync. as a marketing intern for four-weeks in January 2021. I am from the United States and I reside in Maryland. I am currently a junior at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, majoring in marketing and minoring in public relations.

I had the privilege of working with sync. for four weeks, and learned so much about the marketing sector, the fintech industry, and the professional work environment.


Remote working

Due to the global pandemic, my internship with sync. was completely remote, so I was unable to meet any of the sync. team in person. While my workspace consisted of my computer at my desk in my home in the United States, I was able to grow significant connections with sync. employees from across the world. 


Why I chose sync.

I was initially drawn to sync. for their unique brand and business culture. Their website is so exciting, interactive, and bold and it drew me to their brand immediately.

sync. focuses on the needs of the customer through their all-in-one app. The sync. app focuses on having all of your financial accounts linked in one place, making it easier for customers to budget, track and manage their money.  

I was so inspired by the sync. brand and I was excited as a marketing intern to learn more about their social media presence, website content, and be able to engage in day-to-day operations within their company.

A warm welcome

The sync.squad is extremely welcoming and personable. I was often asked to share my ideas and make contributions to daily discussions. Everyone was so kind and encouraging throughout my internship experience and gave constructive feedback while also complimenting me on my work. Some of my weekly tasks as a marketing intern for sync. included creating blog posts, user-generated social media content, and participating in sync. meetings. 

I thought that navigating through a five-hour time difference would be difficult, but the was extremely flexible when it came to altering their schedules to accommodate for the time difference. While I would work with the sync. employees primarily in the mornings, I would self-manage myself to complete work throughout the day. 

The inclusiveness I felt with the rest of the sync.squad was unreplaceable. I was included in weekly meetings, company-wide meetings, and was given the chance to interact with everyone, even if they were outside of the marketing department. I was able to effectively translate what I was learning in the classroom to my internship. I was asked to use my expertise from classes I have taken at my university to complete tasks for the marketing team. My ideas were encouraged and respected, and I was able to contribute to help the marketing team carry out important tasks. 


Helping my future

My internship experience with sync. has opened my eyes to the possibilities of a future career in the marketing field. I have always thought I would try to go more of a sports marketing route because I have grown up participating in sports my entire life. However, working with sync. has opened my eyes to the possibility of working in the banking sector. Marketing is everywhere, and I think tailoring marketing techniques to the sector you are working in makes marketing such an interesting career path. 

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I have been given to work as a marketing intern for sync. I was able to explore and learn more about the fintech industry while gaining professional marketing experience as well. The valuable lessons and experiences I have gained from sync. are things I will continue to use throughout my career in marketing. 

A special thanks to Lisa Preece, PR and Communications Manager at sync. for teaching me about sync. and their marketing strategies, getting me involved with sync. employees, and giving me a glimpse into what a career in Public Relations would look like. I am so honoured to have been given the chance to work with her, and I am extremely thankful for all I have learned from my experience with sync.

Other special thanks to Elena Arroyo, Amar Kotak, and Julianne Trinh for making me feel like a part of the sync.squad, and finding ways to include me in daily tasks. 

Their commitment to both their customers and employees is clearly evident and highly prioritized.


Are you looking for a professional internship? Get your career in sync. and join the sync. squad today. Visit our jobs page to find out more. 

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