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Excitement… Exclusivity… Innovation…

These are just some of the key forces that drive us to create a product that makes financial lives easier, for everyone.

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In previous blogs, we have spoken about the journey we are taking and about our passion for changing the financial landscape. This means coming up with innovative ideas, testing different features and designs, making several changes to the user experience and most importantly, acting upon feedback so we can get better at what we do. 

We discussed why we have Early Access codes and why we decided to implement them. This worked for us for some time as we developed the app and gathered customer feedback to see how our product would work in the real world. 

As time has gone on, we have spoken to many future customers who wanted to access the app without delay and experience what we have spent a long time creating. 

We listened to the feedback we received and we decided to simplify the process for all our new customers and remove the need for an Early Access code from the 4th August 2020. 

Read more below… 

"We can't wait to welcome new users to sync., who can join without needing an early access code."

sync. access for everyone

Customers can now enjoy checking out different features, experiencing new services and finding better ways to manage their finances. 

We believe everyone should have quick, easy and universal access to cost-effective banking services and our ambition is to make this a reality for millions of people across Europe.

From early August 2020, new sync. users will be able to sign up to test the app during our BETA testing phase without an early access code. You will get the chance to open an account, use online cards, order your physical sync. card, transfer money between select currencies, track your spending and integrate your existing bank accounts into the app. 

We have many more features coming soon once the testing phase is complete. We will soon expand our list of available currencies, add advanced budgeting options, and even give you access to a premium offering. 

Download sync. for iPhone and Android now and get access to the app without an early access code from Tuesday 4th August 2020. 

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