sync. leads the way for FinTechs with new card security features.

sync. leads the way of FinTechs with new card security features

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sync. is leading the way for card security with our innovative new features that protect customer's money.

Your money is important to you, so make sure you're protected with sync.

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At sync., we are always looking to innovate when it comes to protecting our customers and their money and we have innovated immeasurably when it comes to the sync. card. We’ve implemented unique security features within the card that protect your account, but we’ve also innovated the design of the card and how you can control it’s usage.

We’ve also prepared some more generic helpful tips that will help you keep your card and accounts safe. Read on below to learn more.

"You have complete control of how your card can be used all from your sync. app."


Dynamic CVC

The CVC was created as an alternative to your PIN in order to act as an authorisation for transactions you don’t complete in person. But you can change your PIN if you’re worried someone knows it, so why can’t you change the CVC when it’s stored on potentially dozens of websites?

You may have noticed that your sync. card doesn’t have a CVC printed at the back. This is because your CVC is stored in your sync. app where you can also generate a unique CVC each time you make a payment with your sync. card online. This is one of the security features that protects your card information and prevents your card from being used without your permission.

Invisible Magstripe

When looking at the card you will notice that there is no visible magstripe for swiped transactions. Believe it or not, it is still there! Our design team incorporated it into the front of the card and designed it to be invisible. It is noted by the arrow in the top left corner of the front of the card to show you which direction to swipe in. If you do not use swipe payments often, you can switch it off in the sync. app and disable all the swipe payments for an extra layer of security. More on this control further down.

Complete Card Control Security

In addition, you have complete control of how your card can be used – all from your sync. app.

We also offer you full control over how your card can be used by allowing you to turn off ATM withdrawals, contactless payment, online payments, swipe payments and international payments to reduce the risk of card fraud. You can always choose to change these security settings at any time in your app depending on your preferences and spending habits.

Additionally, as part of our multi-layered security system, you will be instantly notified of all payments to allow you to notify us of any suspected fraud at the earliest opportunity.


To protect your personal details, always be careful of sharing too much personal information on social media. Social networks are a great place to connect with friends and family. However, information you share there, such as your full name, location and date of birth can also be accessed by fraudsters.

Lastly, to minimise your risk when completing online transactions, make sure that you purchase from a reputable source and check that each website you shop from is genuine.

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