The sync.squad competes in the 2021 ASICS World Ekiden

The sync.squad accepted the challenge set by ASICS.

9 people, 2 teams, a total of 42.2 km (x2) to run...

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The Ekiden is a 100-year-old Japanese long-distance relay race. It was first held in 1917 as a 3-day run from Kyoto to Tokyo. Nowadays, many different ekidens are held annually, drawing big crowds of supporters. 

Running is usually a solitary sport, but the ekiden allows participants to share this activity with their team. A tasuki (a traditional sash) is passed from one team member to the next after they complete their leg of the race.

This year ASICS organized a worldwide Ekiden with a virtual tasuki. From the 10-22 of November, they challenged everyone to form teams of 6 and to collectively run a marathon (42.2 km). 

And here at sync. we just couldn’t resist the challenge. 

9 of us decided to participate – Abel, Ale, Elena, Mayca, Lia, Raúl, Iacopo, Miguel and Jose. We decided to split into two teams – Sync Squad and Sync Squad 2 – with the more experienced runners (*cough* *cough* Mayca, Elena, and Raúl *cough* *cough*) running a leg in both teams! 

Some of us had not gone running in a very long time and we were surprised at how far we could push ourselves. Some of us ran despite small injuries or a cold! For others, running 10 km was a quick warm-up.

We encouraged each other…

…and collaborated…

….and had matching outfits!

What made this challenge even more special was that for every runner who took part in this ekiden, ASICS made a donation to the Spanish mental health organization “Con Salud Mental”. sync. supports this ASICS initiative. 

We are incredibly proud of ourselves for completing this challenge. Everyone had fun and cheered each other on, regardless of the distance. #gosyncsquad

Would you like to join our family and become a part of our Ekiden team? Go check out our Careers website and apply now!

“The Ekiden is all about togetherness, it is a celebration of group harmony and the uplifting power of running.”
We are hiring!

Let’s make a difference.


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