The sync. talent acquisition process: step by step.

Are you hoping to join the sync.squad?


Here is everything you need to know about our recruitment process.

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If you’re reading this blog post, you must be thinking about becoming a sync.y. Thank you! We are a very close and supportive team, so every new team member plays a big role in our future. This is your chance to get into an ambitious startup just as we’re about to take our product to the next level. 

If you like challenges, communicating, working hard and playing hard, variation, making friends and getting the job done, sync. could be the perfect place for you. 

If that sounds good, get ready to take the first step towards joining our team. Let’s start at the beginning. 


All of our recruitment and onboarding is currently done remotely to keep everyone safe. We hope to return to in-person recruiting in London and Malaga very soon. 

Research the company

Is sync. the right fit for you? Have you been thinking about a career in Fintech, or do you have lots of experience already? Read our other blog posts, check out our social media pages, download our app, and see what you think. We’re an early stage start-up made up of people who are committed to making sync. amazing. If you love our product and what we’re trying to achieve, you’re already halfway there.

Apply for a role

Our team is always looking to onboard new talent. Browse our list of available positions here. If your perfect role isn’t listed, submit your CV for future opportunities here. If you’re right for us, we can create the perfect position for you.

Screening call

If we like your application, you will get the chance to meet one of our People & Culture team for a screening interview. This will last for around 30 minutes and include a look at your experience and what you’re looking for in your next role. It’s also an opportunity to get an overview of the role and how it fits with sync.’s vision. 

If we think you could be a good fit, we will be in touch within 7 days.

Competencies interview

It’s all going well! Next, we want to take a deeper look at your previous experience and find out how you will fit with the sync. culture. Finding people with the right outlook is just as important to us as finding someone with the right skills.

To do your best in this interview, be your authentic self and use specific, real-world examples. We hire for attitude and train for skills, so don’t worry if you don’t tick every single box.  

This is also your first chance to meet another member of the team you will be joining. This interview is likely to last for 45 minutes and you should hear back from us within 7 days.

Technical interview or practical task

Depending on what type of role you are applying for, your next stage in the recruitment process will be a technical interview or practical task. 

For more technical positions like developers and QAs, we will ask about your hard skills that are specific to the role. This will cover everything from your knowledge of programming languages to the platforms you prefer to use. This interview is also likely to last for 45 minutes. We may also ask developers to share their public code repositories, or show us any personal projects that show you have the right level of experience with related technologies. 

More creative roles may include a task to showcase how you think, design or write instead of an interview. We make every task bespoke to the role you’re applying for.

Meet the rest of the team

For certain roles, we will also introduce you to other team members who you will be working closely with. This is a final culture check to doubly confirm you’re the right fit for the role.

Receive an offer

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! We will make a formal offer to the candidate who is the best fit for us. We really hope you will accept and join us on our journey. 

We hope that covers everything! Now it’s time to find your perfect role. Read through our list of available positions here and hit the apply button. We hope to see you joining the sync.squad very soon!

"Our team is incredible and they make sync. what it is. It's great that you're interested in a career here. We look forward to meeting you soon."
We are hiring!

Let’s make a difference.


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