Top 10 tech trends of 2020.

As we approach the end of 2020 it is important to understand how technology has developed in the past year.


From the boom of remote workspaces to the continuing evolution of AI, there is no doubt that after 2020, businesses will rely on technology more than they have ever before.

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Here are some of what we think are the biggest tech trends of 2020. 

5G technology

5G technology is the future of wireless speeds for all internet devices. To put it in plain terms, 5G will be another iteration over our existing 4G and will increase internet connectivity speed.

One of the scenarios in which 5G will be applicable is self-driving cars. With a reliable internet connection, self-driving cars can use up-to-date information to make guided choices on how to avoid traffic. It could also be used to eliminate any human error in operating machinery.

evolution of 3d printing

Before 2020, 3D printing was being used for the creation of small tools and gadgets that were predominantly utilized by hobbyists and manufacturers.

But since the start of the year, 3D printing has begun to play a huge role in the medical field, giving society the ability to print transplantable human organs. While these experiments have been widely tested in labs and take four to six weeks to produce an organ, they can be a very useful alternative for patients who are awaiting an organ transplant and cannot find a donor.

real-life events in virtual spaces

Zoom played a big role in connecting employees all across the world. Other companies such as Skype, Google, and Adobe had their go at online conference software as well.

One of the biggest tech changes that were experienced by everyone was the movement of in-person hangouts and parties to virtual spaces. Some people even chose to host their weddings online!

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"Tech has changed in unexpected ways in 2020 thanks to the impact of Covid-19 around the world."

cashless society

More countries looked to adopt new technologies such as contactless payments to help stop the spread of Covid-19. This led to a social trend around adopting new technologies such as paying with your phone.

Paper money can carry germs when exchanged between customers and vendors and hundreds of people can touch card readers every day. This means it is increasingly important to carry a device that you can make payments from and contactless cards. 

Follow the trend and download sync. to use the contactless sync. X card and use online cards for your internet purchases. Download the app for iPhone, Android or Huawei.

rising costs of key tech items

Because many employees had to relocate to their homes, their habits and workstyle had to adapt. Demand for office resources at home drastically drove up the price of otherwise affordable products.

Companies that benefited from this huge change included Logitech and Herman Miller. Logitech webcams skyrocketed in price from the suggested 64.99 USD to an alarming 149.99 USD, while Herman Miller’s basic chairs rose to 349.99 USD from 160.00 USD ( The hope for many is that this trend of inflated costs for technology is something that will lessen towards the end of the year.

These are the top five tech trends we’ve tracked the most in 2020 so far. Have you spotted any other tech trends in 2020? Tell us on Twitter

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