What are online cards?

We offer two different types of sync. cards: physical cards and online cards.


Find out why you should use different cards in different situations to protect yourself from fraud.

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What are physical and online cards?

It’s easy to tell the difference between physical and online cards. Your physical sync. card is sent to you in the post and it looks like a normal payment card (with a sync. twist). It has its own set of card numbers, expiry dates, and a CVC code that can be changed in the app. 

Online cards are only ever stored in your app, so you won’t ever get to physically hold one of these. Because of this, you can’t use them when you’re out doing your shopping on the high street. 

sync. users can create two online cards. They will have different card numbers, expiry dates and you can change the CVC code in the app whenever you want to.

Benefits of online cards

It is best to use online cards for all of your internet shopping to protect yourself from fraud. If your online card details are ever stolen by hackers, you can easily delete the entire card. This ensures that fraudsters will not be able to use your account details to steal your money. 

When you pay with an online card, the money still comes from your main sync. account. This makes everything simple and easy to view in your transaction history.

What are the benefits of physical cards?

You need your physical card to complete Chip & PIN and contactless payments in different locations, like your local shopping centre or a dine-in restaurant. 

sync. cards are much more eye-catching than a regular debit card, so expect to get some compliments from people who see you using it.

Why should I be worried about hackers stealing my card details?

Many high-profile hacks have taken place in recent years. Hackers break into computer systems to steal personal information to use to commit fraud. Big companies like British Airways have fallen victim recently.

How to make the most of online cards

If an airline you had recently booked flights with announced a data breach, you can completely delete your online card details in seconds, protecting your money. Any transaction the hacker tries to complete using these card details will be declined. Plus, you can open a new online card with new card numbers straight away, allowing you to continue shopping online safely. 

You could even reserve one of your online cards for more ‘risky’ transactions from any retailers you have not purchased from before. Once the transaction has gone through, you can block the online card you used to ensure the website cannot charge you twice or put through any fraudulent transactions. 

You can then use your other online card for payments to more trusted high street retailers. 

Would you like to find out more about how to keep your money safe from hackers? Read our blogs on why hackers want your information, our list of latest scams going around online, and find out how you can stay safe when a company has a major hack.

"To keep yourself safe, I highly recommend using online cards for all your internet shopping."
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