What security features do sync. offer our users?

sync. security features on app

You can safely manage your finances with our security features, designed to put you in control of your financial life.


Head to the sync. app to discover everything you can do to keep your account secure.

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At sync., we understand that account security is one of the most important concerns for any user. From the start, we wanted to push the boundaries of what we could do to keep accounts secure, and give you the tools to safely manage your finances. On top of the regulations we must follow from the Financial Conduct Authority to keep your money safe, here are a few other things that we are doing to give you control over your account. 


Within the sync. app, you can easily create a virtual online card to use for any online purchases. This gives you a completely new set of card details that you can use for a single purchase, a single merchant, or even across a certain category such as subscriptions or clothes shopping. So, if a store or merchant is suspected of being hacked, you can just head into the sync. app, delete the virtual card, and be safe in the knowledge that your account is safe. 

Not only does this keep your account secure, but it also means that you don’t have to cancel your physical cards if you suspect that their details have been involved in a data breach, and you don’t have to wait for a new card to be sent out. It’s good for our users, and good for the environment too.


Traditionally, everything that a scammer needed in order to use your card for fraudulent online purchases was printed directly on the card: card number, expiration date, and 3 or 4 digit CVC.

At sync., we wanted to give our users an additional layer of security. For this reason, we have worked with our partners to completely remove the CVC from the back of your card, and hidden it safely away in the sync. app, secured by your biometric authentication or your passcode. Not only is this CVC hidden in your app, but we allow you to change it as many times as you like to protect against online threats. So, if you don’t trust a website you have just made a purchase on, you can simply just change your CVC in the app. To be extra safe, you could even change it after each and every transaction!


Have you ever had that feeling when you come to pay for something in a store, or when trying to withdraw money at an ATM, and you just can’t remember your PIN? Thankfully, with a sync. debit card, you can securely log in to your app and easily view your PIN. What’s more, if you suspect that your PIN has been leaked, you can also change it directly within the app too. 


There are a number of other card options within the sync. app that you can control in order to manage your spending. This includes the ability to turn on/off contactless payments, international payments, online payments and more, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having control over your account. And if you can’t find your physical card at any point, you can even temporarily block it to ensure that it isn’t used fraudulently.

"We wanted to push the boundaries at sync. in order to keep our users' accounts secure, and we are proud of the range of features that we have developed."
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